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Requirement for ABE 3rd batch staff

First of all : What is learning ? What is developing ? I think ...
  • learning is getting knowledge by myself
  • learning is meeting it / making it by myself
  • then things which I learn will be a part of my life
  • No one bring it, deliver it, also teach it. Someone lead me at a few time
Second of all : How to develop ? I think ...
  • start to say/write/draw something for developing by myself
  • start to move/make something / meet someone for developing by myself
  • so every time I'm on the way of future completing
  • No one bring it, deliver it, also make it. Someone assist / help me at a few time
Third of all : Important things ? I think ...
  • try to research, search first , then ask someone (don't consume anyone's time without your effort)
  • be with myself & family & friends for better future
  • Start it in Local , Think it for the World
  • commit to small first is better than praying for the world
  • Have 3 more ideas / ways when you do 
  • Life is short , make it long with skills

Goal : To build up Vocational Training ICT support System (Mr.Pascal's case)
  • can program with 3 programming language at least
    • PHP , Python , JavaScript , Java  or others
  • can make Web Server / Web site / DB Server
  • can customize OSS web software
    • especially course-ware , mooc platform 

Precondition before KIC entering
  • can type keyboard 100 letters per min / 20 wpm (words per min)  OR  can do touch-typing
  • achievement:
    • Get Android SmartPhone with 5GB/month Data (1st one)

Precondition 1st - year KIC
  • setup major 3 web application on AWS / Azure / any VPS (not rental server / shared server)
    • Wordpress
    • phpBB
    • moodle
  • know 3 programming language & describe how different / where work on 
    • PHP , Python , JavaScript , Java  or others
  • can have a meeting on Cloud
    • GoogleDocs / Spreadsheet
  • achievement:
    • Invite Fukui headquarter for 2weeks summer internship
    • Get Windows Laptop computer

Precondition final - year KIC
  • xxx
  • achievement:
    • Invite Fukui headquarter for 6 months

REASON : Why I require above items?
  • Typing
    • I like to work with normal / fast speed. If someone can not type smoothly , it means he/she stop / make slowdown our work.
    • It's something how to use a pensile / pen
      • example : chatting on messenger , making document on GoogleDoc together , doing pair programming
  • Web application
    • web application works on many middleware. During install / setup the application , we touch middleware. 
      • example : apache, mysql, php, python...
  • Programming lang
    • I like to work with a person who know about basic of some programming languages. There are many , at least 3 he/she should know I expect. If we face a project which based on ICT, it's common sense.
      • except : If you have much money , don't worry. just asking someone.
  • Cloud
    • ICT environment is changing. Google Service (which Google Drive, Doc) is like MS-Word or something before. Why we attached a document on e-mail?
    • If you can use them, it means he/she can manage account on Cloud. managing own account is something like keeping my house's key. It's common behavior of 20xx era.

  • I don't insist something to someone. Life is individual. My life is mine, your life is yours.
  • I just assist / cooperate my partner. 
  • But when someone spend my time with meaningless / without any his/her effort , I can not work with he/she

What done :