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for MacBook at library

Kiwix is a Wikipedia offline software.
  • http://www.kiwix.org/

Setup Software:

  • kiwix-0.9.dmg
    • Mount it (double click the .dmg file)
    • Drag&Drop Kiwix app to Application

Setup Contents on Kiwix:

  • kiwix-data
    • Wikipedia (simple English)
    • Wikitionary (simple English)
    • Wikibook (English)
  • Copy [kiwix-data] folder to Documents (or somewhere you want)
  • Import them on Kiwix App (repeat this step for every file)
    • File > Open
    • [select a file]
    • click .zim file
    • Make Index ? YES

Detail of contents

  • Wikipedia ZIM Downloads
    • http://www.kiwix.org/wiki/Template:ZIMdumps
  • Project Language Size (GB) Date created Number of articles
  • wikipedia en 1016M 2016-05 simple all
  • wiktionary en 34M 2016-05 simple all
  • wikibooks en 1.2G 2016-08 all

TIPS for using

  • Do not move/delete any files related to kiwix. If you move the files, Kiwix will stop to work.